PORTLAND -- Former President Jimmy Carter greeted thousands at Powell's Sunday. He talked about his new book in an extended interview with KGW.

Carter spent several hours Sunday at Powell s signing his 28th book, A Call to Action, which focuses on the abuse of women around the world.

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The former President told KGW he d worked on the book for the past four years, interviewing sex trafficking victims and abused women from around the world.

The State department estimated that 100,000 girls in America were sold into sexual slavery last year, said Carter.

Sex trafficking is a well known problem in the Rose City. Carter said it's a fast growing problem all over the country and that college campuses are another big problem spot.

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Only about 4% of rapes on college campuses are reported, Carter said. The universities don't want their reputations being hurt.

He also stated (in extended interview below) that religion played a major part in the global abuse of women.

Carter said atrocities against women happen right in front of our eyes because people look the other way and don't want to admit it's going on. He wants the world talking about the problem and believes signing books is a positive way to do facilitate that.

When asked how he can sign so many books, so quickly, without cramping up, he answered Sometimes I really cramp up, but it's worth it!


Extended interview

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