SALEM-- Drivers in Oregon and Washington with studded tires have to remove them by Monday, March 31.

Both the Oregon and Washington departments of transportation said Friday, that due to weather forecasts it will not extend the period in which drivers can use studded tires beyond March 31.

Our forecasters expect mild temperatures with little chance for snow or ice across much of Washington s lowlands, said Chris Christopher, WSDOT Maintenance Operations director. Drivers are encouraged to remove studded tires as soon as possible because tire stores will be busy leading up to April 1.

Studded tires cause $40 million in damage to streets, roads and highways each years, according to study done in 2000, said ODOT spokesman David Thompson.

Drivers were advise to use other forms of traction devises during severe weather, such as tire chains, or to simply postponing travel, Thompson said.

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