Adan Barajas can t remember a thing from Monday. What he does know is he s lucky to be alive, grateful for the life-saving help of some quick-thinking co-workers.

The 56-year-old contract custodian was sweeping a floor on Monday night when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Luckily, it all happened within earshot of security workers at Jireh Semidonductor in Hillsboro. They rushed to Barajas, who had fallen backwards down six stairs.

He had no pulse. He wasn t breathing, said Katina Pulido, Barajas sister in law. The security guards and medical team at Jireh brought him back to life.

Pulido credits the readiness training of the Jireh security staff. They also had a defibrillator on hand.

Barajas said he gives thanks to everyone who helped him.

JIreh officials have a policy against commenting on employee health issues, and those who came to Barajas aid were unavailable for comment.

Barajas will undergo surgery on Monday to install a defibrillator. He s also had heart valve surgery in the past, and has had an enlarged heart his whole life.

Still, he says he wants nothing more than to get out of the hospital, get home, and get back to work.

Pulido wishes he would take it easy, but says Barajas is a working man, and stubborn.

In the meantime, she s grateful that he s still with the family. They will never know how grateful we are, there are not enough thank you s in the world, she said.

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