DUFUR, Ore. An Oregon driver said his GPS unit got him into a dangerous situation last weekend, but thankfully, his phone saved him.

Rodney Werner, 28, said he was looking for a trail head west of Dufur and decided to use his GPS to lead him there. But the GPS sent him on forest service roads that soon became impassible.

It ended up being this old logging road that I drove through in this car -- a front-wheel drive five-speed Ford Focus. I had absolutely no ground clearance and I'm skidding over the humps and the rocks in the road, he said.

And then it got even worse -- Werner's car got stuck in mud.

At first, his phone couldn't get cell service, but he was eventually able to make a 911 call requesting help.

Search and rescue crews were able to reach Werner after a few hours.

They said it was an important reminder why drivers should always bring a good map and have plenty of supplies in their vehicles - especially if heading into the back country.

Authorities said it's also important advice to always tell someone your specific plans, including when you plan to return home.

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