PORTLAND -- A North Portland family said they lost five dogs and one cat to an early morning house fire Thursday. None of the other family members was injured, but a firefighter became disoriented and had to be pulled from the home.

Just after midnight neighbors reported seeing heavy smoke pouring from a home near the 8000 block of North Hudson Avenue.

When I came out to the corner, there was smoke coming out of the front door area and then out of the back of the house, said neighbor Karrie Dunn. I didn't see any flames until the firefighters arrived and broke out some windows.

Two teens live in the home. They told KGW that one of them jumped from a window to safety, while the other helped get his great-grandmother and grandmother to safety.

When firefighters arrived, they found the fire in the basement and started dragging hoses into the home.

Portland Fire & Rescue officials reported that a firefighter became disoriented between the heavy smoke and extreme heat and could not find the staircase to exit. A Rescue Intervention Team went into the home and pulled the firefighter to safety.

Family members said they lost everything to the fire. They were being assisted by the Red Cross.

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