ALOHA, Ore. A driver who passed out and crashed his Toyota Prius, killing an 11-year-old girl in Aloha, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence homicide Thursday in a Washington County Court.

David Alan Herman was sentenced to 48 months in prison after accepting a plea deal with Washington County prosecutors who were seeking more a serious charge of manslaughter.

Herman was originally cleared of criminal charges after the April crash, but after prosecutors learned Herman was in a 2007 crash related to a diabetic episode, the case was reopened.

Kylie Hornych died while she was playing in her front yard. Herman passed out while driving down Northwest Farmington Road. He smashed his Prius head-on into a Jeep before continuing down the road into oncoming lanes. He then drove over a sidewalk, through a barricade and then slammed into Hornych before hitting her house.

Hornych s young classmates, friends and family were devastated by her death. A vigil was set up at the crash site back in April and fellow classmates at Chehalem Elementary School stopped by to leave mementos in remembrance for the vibrant fifth grader.

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