PORTLAND Some neighbors near Bonnie Slope Elementary School want drivers to pay attention and the county to add safety features to protect pedestrians, young and old.

School signs and crosswalk paint don t seem to get some drivers to follow the rules. Matthew Ellis recorded some of what he believes are drivers not yielding to pedestrians ready to cross Northwest McDaniel Road.

We ve had a constant problem on a daily basis with cars that do not yield to kids or adults during school hours or even after school hours this is a heavily traveled area, said Ellis.

Megan Pham crosses the road several times a day, taking children to school.

It s completely unsafe. People are always in a rush. Everyone s got somewhere to be, said Pham. And for them it s hard to remember that there are pedestrians out there when so many people primarily drive.

Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff s Office said drivers need to be constantly alert and aware of pedestrians. In turn, he said pedestrians need to clearly signal when they want to cross.

I don t mean that they actually need to be going out into the street at that time but they need to show their intent, they need to be leaning forward looking at the vehicle, attempting to make eye contact with the vehicle, said Ray.

Sheriff s deputies cited drivers near the school Wednesday afternoon.

Beaverton School District officials said they are aware of the safety concerns near Bonnie Slope Elementary. The school principal reminded parents and others to drive safely and to report problems in a recent newsletter. And crossing guards help safely shuttle kids across the road in groups.

Neighbors said they would continue to push the county to add more safety features, like flashing crosswalk lights or a center island.

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