PORTLAND -- When Susan Lindsay walked out to her vehicle Monday morning she got a rude awakening. The doors were unlocked and someone had broken into the glove box.

Everything from the glove box, everything from the center console was out and scattered throughout the car, said Lindsay.

Lindsay's SUV had been ransacked sometime between 8 p.m. Sunday and 10 a.m. Monday. It was parked on Northeast 14th Avenue , just south of Failing Street.

Your car gets broken into and something special gets taken away for no reason, said Lindsay.

That something special is something with no value to anybody but Lindsay and her family. The thief or thieves took videos of Lindsay's dad, who died in 2007.

It made me heartsick, absolutely heartsick, said Lindsay. It breaks my heart.

Lindsay was planning to make copies of the recordings for her family.

There's no other copies, she added. This was the original.

Lindsay wants it back. And she wants whoever did this to know it hurts.

They may think we're all wealthy, saidLindsay. We're not.

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