PORTLAND -- Shoes are meant to be practical and stylish. But most don't do much for your posture or comfort.

Ask anyone who spends the day working on their feet. The insole is an afterthought for most shoemakers.

But now, a local start-up believes it's found the right fit with a promise to get you walking tall.

Shoe companies are great at making shoes but they're not great at making insoles, said Christopher Buck of Align Footwear.

Buck said the insole is the first place shoe makers cut costs.

Eighty percent of the population has excessive pronation, he said.

That's when your ankle rotates. It means most of us are walking like ducks.

What happens is your not carrying your weight in your skeletal structure. That's why you have fatigue in your knees, your hips your backs, said Buck.

After decades of research, Buck and his team believe they have found the answer to help realign the foot.

We control the hindfoot which controls the mid and forefoot, Buck said.

This allows the foot to move properly.

The company's insole product landed feet-first just a few weeks ago, available on the web only so far.

Buck is working with some of the country's largest shoemakers, hoping to convince them to incorporate Align Footwear technology into their products.

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