PORTLAND -- Terri Horman, the stepmother of missing boy Kyron Horman, appears to be fighting back after protesters demonstrated outside of her home.

Recently, new signs posted in Horman s front yard warn critics to back off. One sign posted on a tree warns of No trespassing.

Another sign includes photos of three women, noting, Your threats have been documented.

Laura White was surprised to find her image displayed outside Horman s home.

That's me and two other ladies on there, said White.

The Roseburg neighbor said she had no involvement in the case except joining the Roseburg Supports Kyron Horman Facebook page.

Also posted is a flier asking to find Kyron Horman. The second-grader disappeared from Skyline School in Northwest Portland on June 4, 2010.He has never been found.

Terri Horman has long been the focus of investigators. She has never been charged.

In November 2013, a group of protester demonstrated outside of Horman's home. The demonstrators carried signs and wrote on the street with chalk, Where's Kyron?

Police responded to the protests after Horman's mother called 911 to complain about vandalism and trespassing.

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