Salem, OR-- Corban University added a new member to the campus public safety team. He wears a public safety vest, works with a partner and walks on four paws.

Shadow, the Alaskan malamute shepherd mix is on duty.

According to Director of Public Safety Michael Roth, Shadow won't do police work but will be there to help people through stressful times.

Just being there for tough situations that people are going through, Roth said. The dog's not there to judge anyone, he'll give unconditional love. We love having him here.

Shadow is a huge hit with students.

I think it's awesome, just awesome said Danielle Jordan.

He visits all parts of campus including the book store. Kent Wilson works in the store and sees Shadow stop by all the time.

He's always just up for being petted, Wilson said. People are just happier when he's around.

Shadow seems happy. He's the new big man on campus at Corban University.

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