PORTLAND Portland Public Schools has agreed to hire over 100 new teachers, increase the number of school days and raise teacher pay as a result of contract negotiations with the union, according to a newspaper report.

Details of the contract have not been released publicly, but The Oregonian reported Wednesday that it had obtained some of the details.

Under the deal:

  • The district will hire 150 new teachers
  • More school days will be added to the calendar, the report did not specify how many
  • Teachers would get a 2.3 percent annual salary increase for the next three years

Both sides called it a fair deal, according to the Oregonlive report.

The contract deal between the district and the Portland Association of Teachers averted what would have been a historic teacher s strike. It came at the eleventh hour on Tuesday just two days before teachers were set to hold their first ever walkout.

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The agreement was reached after a marathon 23-hour bargaining session that went through the night.

The high stakes contract negotiation embroiled the city in student walkouts, demonstrations and a procession of on-again, off-again meetings between negotiators that held the attention of the city for 10 months.

In February, the union officially authorized a strike and the school board declared a state of emergency. PPS moved forward with the hiring of substitute teachers while parents throughout the city made plans for school closures, some even saying they would refuse to cross picket lines, in support of the union.

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The agreed upon deal still has to be ratified by both the union and the PPS board in order to take effect.

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