PORTLAND -- A City Hall staffer filed a labor complaint against the Mayor's Chief of Staff Gail Shibley. The complaint accuses Shibley of harassing a man for being HIV positive.

According to a complaint document filed Thursday with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, the staffer has worked as an executive assistant at the Mayor's office since 2006. On Jan. 16 of 2013, Shibley asked the staffer why he had a TriMet Honored Citizen transit pass.

I burst into tears and explained to Shibley that I qualified for a TriMet pass because I am HIV positive, documents say.

Later, the staffer claimed Shibley asked what it was like to work for former Mayor Sam Adams, and the staffer responded that he was more informal but that the staffer did not like to handle Adam s evening schedule, documents say.

Shibley allegedly responded that Adams must have been a skank and that the staffer must be a 'skank' as well, according to the complaint.

The complaint goes on to say the staffer believed people in the office then gossiped about him and his condition and that he was subsequently passed over when additional responsibilities, benefits and paid leave was handed out.

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