VANCOUVER The 5-month-old child of the suspected driver in a deadly Jan. 19 hit-and-run crash in Vancouver has been taken into protective custody, according to prosecutors in the case.

The baby's mother, Kalista Andino, 21, was in court Wednesday for a hearing after she was arrested for witness tampering in the investigation into the deaths of 28-year-old Irina Gardinant and 45-year-old Raisa Mosh.

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Gardinant and Mosh were walking home from a baby shower when they were struck and killed by a pickup truck that left the scene. Police believeBrandon Smith, 27, of Vancouver, was driving the truck when it struck the women and Andino was in the passenger seat, prosecutors said.

Wednesday's hearing was to evaluate terms of Andino's release on bail. In court, prosecutors mentioned that Andino's and Smith's baby daughter had been taken into custody by the Department of Social and Health Services earlier this week. There was no explanation as to when she may be returned to the care of either parent.

At the end of the hearing, Andino was told that she would be allowed to leave after posting bail, as long as she has no contact with Brandon, his mother Linda Smith or the victims' families.

Brandon's attorney produced a letter which said his client had moved out of the apartment the couple shared and the judge warned Andino that if she has any contact with her boyfriend, she will go back to jail.

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KGWreporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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