Vancouver WA --Marijuana smokers in Clark County may have to wait longer than expected to buy pot at a retail store.

Commission chairman Tom Mielke wants to put off retail sales until the federal government takes cannabis off its illegal drug list. He does not want pot sold at retail stores in the county.

It s gonna be very difficult. Me personally, I won t support it, Mielke said.

Mielk said he doesn t like the fact that tax money from pot sales will go to the state but not Clark County. He said the board will lay the ground work for sales but not support them, yet.

We re gonna do everything we can with the knowledge that we have to get as much work as done, as can be done, then stop right here and say federal government, its your turn, Mielke said.

The vote legalizing pot sales narrowly failed in Clark County by a vote of 94,586 against and 93,376 in support. But the issue won statewide.

Supporters don t like the potential delay.

I mean, we re in a democratic society. We voted for it state wide you know? It shouldn t be narrowed down by county or anything, said Eric Lanz.

Mary Jane s House of Glass is one of 156 businesses that applied for just 15 retail licenses in Clark County. The company operates in five counties and will be patient,refusing to criticize the commission.

Little discouraged but that won t stop us from our ball that s already rolling and the best we can do is keep waiting and be happy that we can be part of it somehow, part of that movement that s happening, said Mary Jane s manager Cali Westein.

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