VANCOUVER A 12-year-old boy accused of bringing a gun, knives and over 400 rounds of ammunition to school is competent to stand trial, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The boy was arrested on Oct. 24 at Frontier Middle School in Vancouver after his mother alerted police that he might be armed. He told police he heard voices telling him to kill.

Background: Vancouver boy heard 'voices'

Since then, the boy has been in custody and attorneys have been working to determine if he is mentally fit to understand the attempted murder accusations against him.

At an Oct. 29. hearing, the boy refused to leave the courtroom during adjournment and began to cry and swear into the court microphone.

Juvenile court judge Scott Collier said Wednesday that even though the boy is young and his brain is still developing, he's bright, intelligent and capable of aiding in his own defense.

Collier will meet with the defense attorney and prosecutor on Dec. 24 to see how they can better help him understand the court process.

A trial date will be set for late January.

Background: Vancouver attempted murder suspect will remain in custody


Ashley Korslien contributed to this report

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