WOODLAND, Wash. A driver who was feared dead after his pickup truck slid into a slough north of Woodland, Wash. was found alive and well Friday night.

German Sabian-Pacheco, 29, crashed his truck into Burke Slough near Dike Road and Dike Access Road, according to Marc Gilchrist with the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office. Authorities found the truck around 1 p.m. and sent a dive team to see if an body was in the vehicle.

The truck was eventually pulled from the water with no sign of a driver. Sabian-Pacheco's brother arrived at the scene and told deputies the driver made it to shore and was at his sister's house a few miles away, Gilchrist said.

Deputies went to the home and found Sabian-Pacheco who told them he swam a short distance before walking to his sister's home.

Sabian-Pacheco was arrested on outstanding DUI and driving with a suspended license warrants. Deputies also added new charges of driving with a suspended license and hit and run charges.

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