PORTLAD -- How many passwords do you have? How many can you remember? Now app developers in Portland are chipping away at having to remember them all.

Co-founder William Henderson use to work for Apple and then Square. Those companies required lots and lots of passwords for security. Working there prompted Henderson to think there has to be an easier way.

Henderson and a friend came up with Knock.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to connect your iPhone and Mac. After an initial set up and adding your passwords, knock twice on your smartphone and it unlocks your computer.

It's a small market but for those people in that market it's really useful, said Will Henderson Knock co-founder. It's going to save them five to ten seconds five to ten times a day adds up fast.

The team is now working on expanding the app to work with other websites that require a password log-on like Facebook, Dropbox and Amazon. Knock bank accounts will come in time.

It took 9 months to develop the app. The founders had friends and family do the testing. But the real test came from Apple. If they hadn t approve the app it would have been back to the drawing board for Henderson.

Developers spent $20,000 of their own money to bring the app to market. So far, nearly 50,000 have been downloaded at $3.99 each.

Now the company is hiring and ready to develop the app for Andriod phones.

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