PORTLAND A Portland entrepreneur thinks she has the perfect fix for the painful blisters and uncomfortable side effects that many women who wear high heels have to endure.

Leah Schlechter unveiled FootGloss, an all-natural foot balm, at a champagne launch party Wednesday afternoon Johnny Sole Shoes, SW 9th & Alder.

FootGloss is an all-natural stick balm that is fragrance free, transparent upon application, long lasting and designed to travel. Think lip gloss or chopstick for the feet. You put it across the tops of the toes and on the heels, Schlechter demonstrated.

She designed the product as an alternative to athletic focused products already on the market.

I was always on the lookout for a simple, invisible, all-natural product that would prevent blisters. I couldn t find a product that met all my needs so I decided to develop my own, she said.

Schlechter had her own painful history with heels before developing the product.

I got hot spots where the shoe rubs, she said. You feel it right away and don t know if you ll make it through the night or end up walking downtown with no shoes on.

She believes the all natural and oil-based wax can help prevent irritation and blistering.

I m back in my high heels and my husband s glad I don t have to shop for more comfortable shoes, she concluded.

Schlechter has been marketing FootGloss mostly to women for the heels but said it can also be used with boots and by men.

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My Dad uses it with his walking shoes. It s really great for cutting down on friction, she said.

The product sells for $12 a tube and Schlechter thinks that s a small price to pay for staying a step ahead of foot pain.

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