PORTLAND Fighting in a war can leave lasting effects. But one group of creative Oregon veterans decided to turn their traumatic experiences into art.

Thomas Orr, Jesse Albrechte, Ehren Tool and Daniel Donovan met at an artist s residency in Joseph, Ore. during the summer of 2012.

Some of them were in Vietnam, while others faced combat in Iraq. But they had one thing in common their service.

They decided to use clay as the medium to express their feelings.

It all comes from war, said Orr. There's not much light about war. It's pieces and goo and horror and it's not light.

But Orr said the group channeled their anger and grief through the collection, which was on display Monday at Eutectic Gallery at 1930 NE Oregon Street.

He said in the pieces on display capture each person s perspective of what it's like to serve in and survive a war.

Although many of the group s memories are dark, Orr says the art shows the complexities of their experiences.

It s got tears, it s got bends and twists, Orr says as he describes one of his creations. This is life.

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