PORTLAND Many stores used to discourage customers from price-checking the competition. But now, retailers are encouraging customers to showroom by comparing merchandise using computers or smart phones.

Online retailers often offer lower prices on the same products brick-and-mortar stores advertise. Now that consumers can easily showroom, many stores are offering price-matching on products.

Apps like BuyVia, RedLaser and Amazon Price Check all let consumers Showroom on their cell phones and show retailers the prices they d like them to match.

Lots of times, it s cheaper online, so I go online first to see if they have it on there then go to the store, said local shopper Alvin, who was browsing for a printer at an area Best Buy store.

Years ago, we used to say, Hey, you want the quality of customer service and you want the added value with it, it came at a cost, said a Best Buy employee. Today, we re willing to match the price as well.

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