BATTLE GROUND, Wash. The teen who lost his leg after being hit by a car in Battle Ground in June walked into school for the first time Tuesday, thanks to a new prosthetic leg.

In June, 16-year-old Justin Carey was waiting for the school bus when he was reportedly hit by a car. Carey launched 150 feet into heavy brush and waited for 90 minutes with two broken legs until a tow truck driver heard his cries for help.

One of Carey s legs was later amputated.

The driver of the car, Shaun Johnson,appeared in court Monday on vehicular assault and drug charges.

Background: Driver who hit teen at bus stop appears in court

Carey attended the hearing, then took a big step forward later in the day when he received his new prosthetic leg.

It feels natural.And it feels way better than the rest of them that they gave me to try on.They said if I had pants on it would look like I didn t even lose a leg, said Carey.

On Tuesday, Carey walked into Battle Ground High School for the first time since the crash.

The high-tech artificial leg has a micro-processor in the knee, which reads his every movement 1,000 times per second then makes adjustments.

We re just really excited for the fact that not only with his remarkable recovery, but also how he has mentally and physically prepared himself, said retired Col. Brian Brown of the U.S. Air Force, who works with Carey s Junior ROTC class.

He may not be the Six Million Dollar Man, but Carey's prosthetic leg is not cheap. It costs more than $60,000 dollars. Medical insurance is helping, but the teen's medical bills are big. If you want to help, you can donate to the Justin Carey Caring Fund at any branch of Bank of America.

As for Carey, he said he s just happy to be able to get around campus better and he s looking forward to holding his girlfriend s hand while he walks through the school.

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