Gresham -- TriMet plans to remove its unique 'Living Room' art display from the Gresham Transit center due to loitering and other problems.

It looks like a real living room with a sofa, chair, television and coffee table but it's made of concrete.

TriMet will remove the artwork by the end of the month and send the pieces back to the artist.

For a long time we've been encouraging TriMet to remove the property. When it went in, it probably looked fine. said TriMet Transit Police Lt. Tony Silva. It's never been meant to have people loitering, people using drugs and other things. It's a misuse of the property. it's time that it leaves.

Reaction to the removal has been mixed. Why are they going to take it out now? People are still going to hang out around here either way, said Justin Falleti as he relaxed on the concrete sofa.

Vanessa Reinsch disagreed. I don't think they should [remove it], because it's somewhere to sit and relax while waiting for the bus.

TriMet has not said if anything will replace the 'Living Room' art.

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