PORTLAND -- The PTA and Portland Public Schools said Thursday they have no idea who made a flyer that encouraged students at King School in Northeast Portland to wear a hoodie to class on Friday in solidarity with Trayvon Martin, who was wearing one when he was killed in Florida.

George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, unarmed, sparking national outrage and a trial that cleared Zimmerman of any criminal wrongdoing. Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton had been scheduled to speak at the Black Parent Initiative Parent Symposium on October 19th at Marshall High School in Portland. She has since canceled.

Wednesday night, a flyer appeared which promoted an effort to show support to Fulton and her family by wearing hoodies at King School. The flyer (shown below) said the PTA was behind the effort, but the PTA on Thursday morning told KGW that information was false.

In an email to KGW on Thursday, KING PTA President Kenny Butler said the PTA was not sponsoring any type of 'Hoodie Day' at school. Instead, Butler said, the focus would be
concentrating on teaching and learning as usual and that the PTA's only concern was with having our students engage in their classrooms and their learning.

The Black Parent Initiative said it did not create the flyers, either. No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the flyers.

As for PPS, district spokeswoman Christine Miles said the focus at King School remains on learning and the classroom activities like they do every day.

(KGWinitially incorrectly reported that PPS and the PTA were endorsing the hoodie event. Both groups have since said that they were not involved in creating the flyer or endorsing the Trayvon Martin event at King School.)

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