NEW YORK After Facebook announced it's getting rid of a privacy feature that lets people limit who can find them, users are looking for ways to keep a low profile on the social network.

While you can no longer hide your name, you can still limit what stranger can see on your profile.

Certainly you can hide your profile picture. You can change your name on Facebook so that you use an alternative identity. A lot of people in the public eye have pages under a different name, said KGW tech expert Brian Westbrook.

Facebook says only a single-digit percentage of the nearly 1.2 billion people on its network were using the setting.

The change comes as Facebook is building out its search feature, which people often use to find people they know or want to know on the site.

The idea of creating a Facebook alias that only close friends know is becoming popular with college students--especially those looking for jobs.

Click here for a guide to changing your Facebook privacy settings

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