VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman who was hit by a trooper's car in 2009 was awarded $529,000, but cannot collect it, according to a newspaper report.

The Columbian reported that the car, driven by Trooper Ryan W. Tanner, struck Deborah R. Peralta on Aug. 22, 2009.

Peralta's lawyer said she had stepped out onto 78th Street in front of Tanner's car because she thought she saw her brother approaching and wanted to get his attention, according to the article. Tanner did not see her and ran into her.

Peralta suffered a traumatic brain injury and said she still suffers from memory loss, the newspaper reported.

An emergency room blood test showed Peralta was legally intoxicated at the time. A jury found that she was 58 percent at fault and Tanner was 42 percent responsible.

According to a Washington State law, an injured person cannot collect damages if he or she was intoxicated and found to be more than 50 percent at fault in the occurrence that caused the injury.

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Peralta's lawyers contest the accusation that she was intoxicated. They told the paper they plan to appeal.

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