PORTLAND -- Residents in the Portland Metro area are getting bombarded with phone calls from people warning them something is seriously wrong with their Microsoft computers. They offer to help you fix the problem if you give them access to your computer.

Bill Gentile of Portland just received one of the calls.

This gentleman introduces himself as being from Microsoft and said my computer was sending out messages that something was wrong, so he wanted to go into my computer and fix it, said Gentile.

Fortunately, Gentile hung up instead of playing along.

When they get remote access to your computer they have full control, they can do whatever they want, said KGWtechnology expert Brian Westbrook.

The crooks will talk you through several steps which give them full control of your computer.

They could be extracting information from your computer every time you log into the bank, they can get your passwords and your personal financial information, said Westbrook.

The Oregon Attorney General's office has received 34 complaints about the scam and it's also lighting up consumer complaint websites on the internet.

I always tell people if you're solicited out of the blue, you should be suspicious because Microsoft, Apple, companies like that will never call you like that, said Ellen Klem with the Oregon Office of the Attorney General.

However, con artists will call you, especially those hiding over international borders. Bill Gentile says the caller had a strong Indian accent.

There were pots and pans clanging in the background, it really didn't sound very professional, said Gentile.

There's a good chance you'll get the same call. You're best course of action, hang up and file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.

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