VANCOUVER Friday night s game between Skyview and Columbia River ended with a play so unusual it made its way to ESPN.

Columbia River was down by one against fierce rival Skyview with seven seconds left. Columbia River goes for a field goal and gets blocked.

Game over. At least that what nearly everybody at the game thought. Skyview fans stormed the field to celebrate.

But because the blocked ball never went past the line of scrimmage, it was still live. A Columbia River coach realized with only about two seconds left that the ball was in play. And he had just enough time to alert one of his players

I heard the coach say, Pick it up. My body just reacted, said player Reese Keller. He grabbed the ball and ran into the end zone for a touchdown, giving Columbia River the win.

Coaches always preach: You have to play all 48 minutes of the game, said coach John O Rourke. I think we played 48 minutes and five seconds.

He said he s been coaching football for more than 40 years and has never seen a play like that before.

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