LINCOLN CITY, Ore. A woman was reunited Monday night with the dog she thought she had lost in a fire at the Lincoln City condo complex where she was staying.

Early Saturday morning, Jade Hachem awoke to flames burning on her pillow. She ran to get a fire extinguisher, but the fire had gotten so big that she couldn't get back into the room.

She ran out of the building and then realized her golden retriever, Sadie, had not made it out. Neighbors convinced Hachem not to go back inside.

They just said, There's no way you can go back in there, and I just thought, 'But I have to try, Hachem said.

She later found out that the dog had jumped out a window. Sadie was found on a nearby beach the next day.

Hachem suffered second-degree burns on her hand and some smoke inhalation.

Fire crews said the blaze was sparked by an electrical problem.

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