ALOHA, Ore. -- A woman in Aloha hired a moving company to move her son and his family from Virginia to Oregon, but three months later the belongings have still not arrived.

When Alexine Eddy hired Metro Van Lines to move her son, his wife and her grandson from Virginia to Aloha, her piece of mind quickly turned into a nightmare.

Metro Van Lines promised her a delivery between three and 21 days, but that was not even close.

I started calling asking for the delivery date, at that point and time they say Well, it's going to take a little bit longer, maybe next week. We'll let you know, Eddy said.

It turns out, letting her know the delivery date was difficult because Metro Van Lines didn't even know where the stuff was.

When KGW s Unit 8 tracked them down Friday, an employee said the problem started with one of their drivers. He said the company had a problem with the guy that picked it up. For a month and a half they didn't have the location of the storage.

After that conversation, Unit 8 discovered all of their belongings appear to be in a storage facility in Norcross, Georgia.

Metro Van Lines said they're sending pictures to prove it.

It is still tough for a mom to handle. She is adjusting to wearing the same clothes every other day and tries to get by for her one-and-a-half year old son.

It's really hard having to replace all of his stuff, his clothes, his toys. He's at the age where he needs so much more, said Katherine Bosted who is still waiting for her things.

Bosted's husband started a new job and had to buy new suits for work, which was money that was supposed to go to a new family home.

Instead they're staying with Eddy for now who can't help but blame herself.

I feel really guilty for my son...because I'm afraid they'll never have their stuff at this point, and it's just not fair, Eddy said.

KGW also contacted the moving broker, called Moving APT who setup the move with Metro Van Lines.

They said they've arranged an outside mover to pick up the shipment in Georgia, and the family can expect it to arrive by the end of next week. Moving APT also said they are waiving all fees and expenses involved in this move.


KGW Unit 8 investigator Chris Willis contributed to this report.

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