PORTLAND A new study found that Oregon's gasoline lines could be jeopardized if a major earthquake rattles the Northwest.

The main problems center around dozens of fuel-filled storage tanks that are located in a six-mile stretch of the Willamette River, between the Fremont Bridge and Sauvie Island. Geologists believe that these storage tanks are sitting on weak soil and weak land.

If these tanks rupture or the pipelines supporting them leak, then gas stations won t get their supplies and in turn, local drivers will not be able to fill their cars with gas.

Geologists said the storage tanks were not built to withstand a major earthquake.

These things were built a very long time ago and they were not built for seismic standards, explained Yumei Wang, with the Oregon Department of Geology.

The City of Portland knows about these problems and is considering ways to address the known weaknesses, while also putting a plan in place to respond to any disaster that may occur.

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