PORTLAND -- The boy seriously hurt last week in a fall on Mount Hood has come out of his coma and his father told KGW he has a good prognosis.

Cole Hancock suffered three skull fractures which doctors said will likely take about a year to heal. He also had a fractured spine.

On Tuesday, Cole had bruises under both eyes, but he was awake and alert as he sat in his dad's lap.

I'm alive, he said. I can't believe I'm alive.

The 10-year old was camping with his father Kim in the White River Canyon area when he fell 50 feet down an embankment July 23rd.

It took rescuers six hours to get him out of the canyon and onto a LifeFlight helicopter.

Kim Hancock said Wednesday it had been a terrifying week but that his son was showing great improvement.

I want to wrap him in bubble wrap, he said. You see the fractures on the MRI and a CAT scan and you're just like, 'How could you survive that kind of thing?'

Doctors still don't know for sure what the long-term effects of his injuries may be, but Kim said his son's recovery has made him optimistic.

Background: Boy hurt in 50-foot fall camping on Mt. Hood

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