PORTLAND Oregon grows a wide variety of agricultural products in all areas of the state, but the recession hit many farmers hard. Although it's taken five years, officials say the state s agriculture industry is finally starting to see significant profits.

You re starting to see the number reflect growth again, said Geoff Horning, head of the Agri-Business Council of Oregon.

In 2012, Oregon s agricultural industry even broke records. It recorded a total economic impact of $5.4 billion, breaking the $5.3 billion record from 2011.

Teri Schafer, manager at Al s Garden Center in Sherwood, Ore. says he sales are up. She says the housing market has had an impact on sales.

I think they want to grow their own vegetables, Schafer said. We ve also seen a growth in our tree and shrubs of about 10 percent.

For 20 years, greenhouse and nursery products have topped the state s list of highest grossing agricultural products.

Cattle and hay production has also seen a dramatic rise of about 40 percent. Other products that made the top ten list included milk, wheat and grass seed.

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