PORTLAND --Portland's newest Target store opened for business Wednesday morning.

The store is located in the Galleria on Southwest Morrison Street. The chairman of the Portland Business Alliance said the store is right in the middle of a city that offers so much already.

With the CityTarget here the list of things you can't buy downtown is getting very, very, very small, said Gregg Kantor.

The store will offer a lot of the same goods other Targets do, but it will cater especially to the urban lifestyle.

A guest, instead of lugging a 40-pound bag of dog food from city block to city block, will find a seven to eight-pound bag of dog food and other necessities easier to transport, said Target spokesman Bill Frerichs.

The manager at Finnegan's Toys &Gifts said she had been worried about Target moving in nearby, but that concern has been alleviated.

We've been preparing for it mentally and otherwise, and we're able to compete on price in certain areas. And if we can't compete on price, at least we can compete on service, said Dana Cuellar.

Cuellar hopes the strategy will allow her to stay afloat with CityTarget nearby. Its doors opened at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

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