SANDY, Ore. -- A 16-year-old Sandy girl who said last month she was attacked by three men has admitted she was actually drinking just before she crashed a bicycle, police said Tuesday.

She told police on June 29 that she had been attacked and the bicycle was stolen, said Officer Sam Craven of the Sandy Police Department. But investigators found the bike nearby the next day and saw no evidence of an attack.

The girl was hospitalized with cuts on her face and several broken bones, injuries Craven said were not consistent with assault.

Background: Sandy girl's injuries not consistent with assault

She continued to provide conflicting reports and vague information until last week, Craven said. When she was interviewed at her home on July 11, she admitted she had been drinking with her boyfriend, whose dog escaped from his house.

When her boyfriend left the house to search for the dog, she decided to take his bike and do the same, Craven said. She realized too late that the bike didn't have any brakes as she picked up speed downhill on Cascadia Village Drive, and couldn't use her feet to stop as she wasn't wearing shoes.

She reportedly crashed the bike and didn't remember what happened.

When asked why she said she had been assaulted, she said her boyfriend asked her if someone beat her up when he found her, and because of her injuries she wasn't thinking clearly so she began to think that was what happened, Craven said. The truth came back to her as she was recovering in the hospital.

Police said nobody involved in the case will face criminal charges.

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