OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Jonathan Holt, accused of murdering his Gresham neighbor Whitney Heichel last fall, changed his plea to guilty Monday.

Heichel, 21, was sexually abused and shot, her body left hidden on Larch Mountain.

Holt pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, kidnapping and robbery. He cried as he explained that he shot and killed Heichel.

I have stolen a daughter, sister and wife, Holt said during the hearing.

He was sentenced to life without parole.

Heichel's family was in the courtroom Monday. Her sister called Holt a pervert, a rapist and a murderer as she testified. Heichel's husband Clint asked, What do you say to the man who has taken the love of your life?

Heichel's husband: Never suspected neighbor

A probable cause document filed shortly after his arrest said Holt told investigators he waited outside Heichel's Gresham apartment on October 16 and asked her for a ride.

Then, just five minutes into the ride, he pointed a gun at Whitney and forced her to drive to Roslyn Lake, where he sexually assaulted her and killed her.

Timeline: The search of Whitney Heichel

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