HILLSBORO, Ore. A Hillsboro substitute teacher was arrested Friday and charged with sex abuse and sodomy.

According to deputies, Rafael Abinacer, 41, reportedly had repeated sexual contact with a girl younger than 14.

Abinacer was a special education assistant and bilingual assistant employed with the Hillsboro School District since March. He worked forty days at Lincoln Street Elementary School and one day each at eight other schools in the district.

The safety and security of Hillsboro School District students is our top priority, said Beth Graser, Communications Director at the Hillsboro School District.

These types of offenses are absolutely not tolerated and our Human Resources department is in the process of terminating Mr. Abinacer's employment effective immediately, Graser said.

Abinacer was convicted of felony possession for a non-registered firearm in 1993, but due to the amount of time passed since the crime, he was still hired as a substitute teacher in Hillsboro.

Washington County Violent Crime Detectives said there may be additional victims, and asked anyone with information to contact the police.

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