It s helping to strike boredom in kids and spare bowling alleys a slow summer. A national program called Kids Bowl Free allows students to roll two games free.

My best game is probably 121, said 5th grader Collin Bolman. I ve beat my grandmother twice by one point.

Collin and his sister Hana come to Sunset Lanes in Beaverton twice a week with their grandmother.

She s taught us how to bowl without the bumpers. It s real bowling, said Hana.

To sign up for the free games you go to the website You need to print up a coupon or show your registration on a smart phone.

More than a dozen Oregon bowling lanes are participating in the program.

It brings in business during what is traditionally a slow time and our junior bowling program has grown, said Sunset Lanes Event Coordinator Phil Jackson.

Doctors like the concept because it keeps young bodies moving in the summer months.

It can help with flexibility and strength in the arms and shoulders, said Randall Children s Pediatrician Dr. Lena Kuo.

Every time they pick up the ball and go down the lane it s like a new challenge. It s priceless, concluded Collin s grandmother.

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