LEBANON, Ore. -- Eleven vehicles were vandalized over the weekend at a National Guard compound in Lebanon while the vehicle's owners were deployed, police said.

The private vehicles inside the secured compound were found with broken windows Monday morning, said officer Justin Bach of the Lebanon Police Department.

Evidence showed the vandalism was a crime committed out of anger directed at Alpha Troop 1/82 Cavalry in Lebanon or the National Guard in general, Bach said.

I was pretty upset. Still am, said troop Staff Sgt. John Parsons. I mean these guys...they go over there, train, they work real hard and they come back to this? It's pretty upsetting.

Investigators believe one man acted alone to scaled a barbed wire fence and damage the vehicles.

Each vehicle was covered with a tarp to prevent further damage and the owners were notified.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lebanon police.

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