PORTLAND -- Sunday is Father's Day and this year spending is up two percent.

The gap between what people spend on Dads versus Moms is the widest since 2008.

It may stand to reason mom gets a bigger payday on Mother's Day. This year, people spent on average $168 dollars on Moms. But, people are shelling out $13.3 billion to show their Dads they care.That comes out to about $120 each, which is up from $117 in 2012.

And as far as gifts, anything electronic will do. Tablets and high-priced earphones are tops, and $1.7 billion will be spent to give Dad a charge. Of course there are always practical gifts like a gift card, a barbecue for the back yard, or some patio furniture

. And this year it's also about getting dad healthy.

Watches that track GPS, miles run, food intake, (and) things like that keep your dad fit this year, said a spokeswoman for Fred Meyer.

Department stores are tops for dad shopping with online shopping up slightly over last year. Many Dads, however, are just happy to spend time with their children rather than having them spending money on a gift.

But, despite what someone spends on Mom or Dad, it's a windfall for retailers, totaling nearly $35 billion.

KGW reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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