PORTLAND -- Technology helped a father enjoy one of the biggest moments in his life -- walking his daughter down the aisle.

A medical setback kept him from being at the wedding in person, but he was still able to watch from 1,000 miles away.

John Lagano feels great yet he's dealing with a heart condition that could take his life in just a matter of weeks.

I can't plan next summer, can't plan Christmas. It's scary, he said.

But on Friday, as he sat in a hospital room at Providence St. Vincent, he put that fear aside. It was his daughter's wedding day in Los Angeles, and his condition won't allow him to travel, so his buddy of 40 years flew to Portland to be at John s side.

There's nothing more important than being with family, somebody you love, nothing more important, he said.

The two huddled around a laptop and a computer to watch John's daughter tie the knot 1,000 miles away.

I'm thinking she's looking happy, he said.

The Internet connection was dicey at best, but John managed to see some special moments, including the kiss that sealed the deal.

They did it. They re happy, big smile on her face. (It) made me feel good but it doesn't feel real because I'm not there, you know what I mean? He said.

John is uncertain about how much time he has left, but what he does know, he got to see his daughter marry the man of her dreams, and in the process, fulfill one of his.

I've lived a good life, had a good time, made great memories, he said.

As much asJohn wanted to be at the wedding in person, he said there's one bonus to how things unfolded. Nobody could film him doing anything embarrassing.

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