PORTLAND --Shop owners fed up after a rash of iPad and iPhone thefts in boutiques across Portland teamed up to catch a suspect Friday.

A shop owner spotted one man in her Northwest Portland store and captured his picture. Shop owners circulated the picture, believing the man belongs to a team of thieves.

The woman then called the boyfriend of another shop owner for help, and that s when James Dees spotted the man with another guy outside the store.

The two men split up, so Dees called police and followed one of them.

I then went up to him and ask him if he knew what an off-duty police officer looks like. He threw the iPad at me and I gave chase, but I'm wearing good shoes so I backed off, Dees said.

Dees then told a Mounted Patrol Officer what was going on and the man was taken into custody in Old Town Portland.

Dees believes the thieves create a diversion in stores and steal the iPhones and iPads and later sell them on the internet.

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