VANCOUVER-- A Vancouver teen was fighting for her life Wednesday after being hit by a car. Haley Herbert's mother said the driver had a suspended license and no car insurance, so now the family is facing with thousands in medical bills.

On Wednesday Haley woke from her coma, opened her eyes for the first time and told her mom Karen she loved her. It was in a whisper, but it answered every one of her mother's prayers.

The accident happened last Wednesday in the 3100 block of Falk Rd. in Vancouver, just feet from the family town home. Haley now has a rod in her left leg and two fractured vertebrae in her spine.

Police said Brian Ashard, 28, hit her and then took off. They said a few blocks later he called 911 and eventually returned to the scene. By that point, her mother said, Haley was in an ambulance headed to the hospital.

Backround: Teenage girl hit by car in Vancouver

I wouldn t leave if I hit an animal. I'd stop and I'd try and help it. That was my baby and he left her in the road. She could have gotten hit by another car, she could have just not been here period. You don't do that to an animal, especially not a human being, mother Karen Marsh Herbert said while holding back the tears.

Ashard refused to comment to KGW. So far, Vancouver Police said they're continuing to investigate and have not cited Ashard.

Karen said her daughter could be in the hospital for months, with months more physical therapy once she's home.

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