BORING. Ore. A Boring man has been reunited with his Harley-Davidson more than a year after it was stolen.

Ron Parker told KGW he tried to sell the motorcycle on Craigslist last year. A potential buyer showed up and Parker asked him for his identification and $100 as collateral for a test drive.

The ID and the cash were counterfeit and the thief got away with the bike. But last month police pulled over the driver of the Harley near Eugene and found out it belonged to Parker.

Joseph Robert Bauer was riding the bike and tried to convince police he had borrowed it from a friend, whose name he couldn t give, according to the Eugene Police Department.

Bauer was charged with possession of methamphetamine, driving while suspended, driving without insurance and failure to present a registration.

It s definitely a good sign right before my birthday, like an early birthday present, Parker said. Now I just have to make it pretty so I can sell it to someone who can really use it.

He said the bike was damaged and had been repainted before he got it back.

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