KELSO, Wash. -- It seems everyone is talking about bullying these days. On Monday morning, two dozen students at Kelso High School actually did something about it.

They rallied with signs and banners to say they d had it with the problem.

We re out here because we re tired of the bullying in Kelso. Every school, really, said a teenage boy who did not want his name used.

Some thanked their parents for supporting them in their effort to raise awareness.

I honestly appreciate it, because I ve been bullied myself and I m tired of it, and I have parents here I d rather talk to about it than the administration, said a teenage girl who also did not want to reveal her name.

Kelso School District Superintendent Robert MacGregor said he and his team were very much on top of the issue.

It involves ongoing training and pretty much updating and monitoring of the policy on an ongoing basis, he said.

Clinical psychologist Caleb Burns said it s important for teens and their parents to speak out against bullying.

If you think you are (bullied) and it's hurting your optimism, your hope and so on, if it's damaged your self-esteem, it's worth talking to others and getting feedback on it, Burns said.

Kelso High senior Matt Smith said bullying is so common, he started a Facebook page against it.

There are a lot of kids that are pushed around. I see it in the hallways. Kids are pushed around because of the way they are, the way they dress, he said.

Timothy Thomas said he dropped out from Kelso High, in part because of bullying. He said he is finishing high school through online courses.

(It's) a place that needs some work. But other than that, if a student is strong enough and knows his own self strength, they can make it through Kelso, he said.

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