SALEM -- Several Sigma Chi Delta Zeta chapter members at Willamette University have been banned from the fraternity after crude and misogynistic Facebook posts.

The Statesman Journal reports the posts were in a private Facebook group, but screen shots of the comments were made public.

One such post included the suggestion a university official be kicked in the genitals because she questioned the organization's initiation week activities.

Between 10 and 12 members were banned, the organization said.

University President Stephen Thorsett sent a campus email criticizing the posts. He also said the school wouldn't tolerate violent or destructive reactions, such as the slashing of a fraternity member's tire.

The process of banning these few individuals is being driven by the undergraduate Chapter itself, Sigma Chi Executive Director Michael Dunn said. They are equally outraged and have shown courage to address this issue with some of their own members. We will continue to work with the school administration to address this issue.

Chapter leaders released the following apology in a Facebook post:

The Men of Sigma Chi would like to formally and sincerely apologize for the thoughts shared in our private Facebook group. What was said in these post do not reflect the true goals and ideals of our Chapter as characterized through our Three Great Aims of Friendship, Justice, and Learning. This realization has led the Delta Zeta chapter to decide as a group, that this public apology is the beginning of our steps to evaluate our chapter and make good on the promise we now make- to improve ourselves and repair the damage done to the community. We are open to dialogue with different groups and individuals on campus in the proper person to person forum. We hope that our efforts, which are already being implemented, will help us become the men we strive to be.

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