PORTLAND -- A beloved 1-year-old retriever Tora is gone from his usual convenience store post at 4646 NE 102nd Avenue, and the dog's owner hopes he will get him back soon.

The police are involved but some customers of the 102nd Street Market are so rattled by the missing dog they're doing their own searches.

Surveillance video shows the dog going around the building and then shows a couple and their car, who if found, could help solve the mystery.

They need to bring the dog back, one customer told KGW. (It s) really a loss. It s like losing a child.

I very sad. I miss him, said store owner Bruce Yang. He all the time around me in the store.

Not since 5 p.m. Thursday, when surveillance video shows the dog walking out of the store and around the corner, has anyone seen him.

That is terrible someone would steal a dog like that, terrible, Yang said. He is a mascot in the store. My neighbors they know him.

They're focused on a couple who made some purchases and followed the dog's path. In the video you can see the dog near the couple s car. When they drive away, you can see something in the back seat.

That car is in this neighborhood. This is a neighborhood car. I ve seen this many times before, said another customer.

The video doesn't actually show someone taking Tora, but Yang said the dog wouldn't wander off on his own.

Yang said the couple last seen near the dog used a credit card in his store that doesn't appear to belong to them, which is another layer to the mystery that Portland police are looking into.

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