PORTLAND - A team of superheroes turned up at Randall Children s Hospital on Tuesday. They were suited up and ready to fight grime instead of crime.

Yes it s exciting and something different for us, said Flash as he looked at Batman. Superman chimed in, We ve handled this duty before, but not in capes and tights.

They conquered 10 stories of glass, showing young patients a super hero can do wonders with a bucket of suds.

I see him, it s Superman and he s washing windows with Iron Man, Spiderman, Flash and Batman, shouted 4-year-old Cameron as he pointed at the windows of the fourth floor patient lounge.

The idea came from a similar window washing at the Children s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

I heard about it at a conference and I remembered when my son, who is now 18, was treated here for kidney failure. It s a chance to give back, said the superheroes' boss from Millennium Building Services.

The company has been handling window washing services for Legacy medical buildings for 22 years and plans to make the superhero window cleaning an annual tradition.

It s so fun to see the kids smile. I would do this every day if I could, Iron Man concluded.

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