HILLSBORO -- A man was arrested Wednesday for repeatedly trespassing into a Washington County barn and sexually abusing a horse.

Tony Hall-Rivas, 47, was taken into custody without incident at his home near the community of Manning, said sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Bob Ray.

Detectives allege that Hall-Rivas had been trespassing onto the property since at least last September to abuse the gelding, but could not identify him until recently with DNA evidence from a hat.

The suspect was causing concern because the activity was increasing in frequency, Ray said. Several times, he was chased off the property by the horse's owners.

During the investigation detectives found items left behind by the suspect in the barn and along an escape path. On April 9, the suspect's DNA was matched with a hat.

Hall-Rivas was jailed on $20,000 bail on accusations that included five counts of trespassing and second-degree burglary, and eight counts of sexual abuse of an animal.

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