PORTLAND -- The people behind a controversial marijuana billboard in downtown Portland have come up with a new message.

The original billboard (shown in photo at right) featured a photo of a glass of beer, a glass of wine, and a marijuana leaf. And above each photo, the words read: Beer, Wine, and Safer, respectively. It was located at Southwest 13th Avenue and Southwest Alder Street.

The billboard went up on Thursday, March 29 and by that night, it was no longer standing up.

Roy Kaufmann, a spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, which paid for the sign, said they suspected it had been vandalized. Others questioned whether the wind may have taken down the billboard. Portland police were investigating.

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The Marijuana Policy Project said they designed the sign with the goal of getting people to think about how marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol to consumers and the community, Kaufmann said.

Now a new billboard has gone up that reads: The truth cannot be destroyed.

The Marijuana Policy Project wants to get a measure on the 2016 ballot legalizing recreational marijuana in Oregon. Both Colorado and Washington passed similar bills last year.

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